Black Country Artist Derek Baker is for the most self-taught. Though he is now based in Wombourne, Staffordshire his heart still remains deeply imbedded in the Black Country; proud of the areas industrial heritage and it’s people who are “the salt of the earth”.

Born in Cradley, West Midlands Derek has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Despite this it took him till 2010 before he finally made the decision to promote his work. Historically he has drawn and painted a diverse number of subjects, though his passion lies with life drawing and painting. He has a fascination with people and he can often be found sketching unsuspecting characters in bars and restaurants; the compulsion to capture moments in time, constantly striving to bring his pictures to life with the energy and vibe discovered in the expressions on people’s faces; their stance and movement of their bodies.  Derek also likes to inject elements of fun in his pictures; elements that surround us all. As the stories of the people depicted unfold; he likes to leave his audience looking ever closer at his artwork to discover the hidden moments…..